Once you have folded your letters and sent them to candidates, dig deeper into your frustration over politics and do more.

Get involved! When you wear or use Updraft America logo items, you are supporting the Bridge Alliance through the net proceeds of your purchase. The Bridge Alliance is a network of dozens of groups working hard to bridge the political divide. From providing unbiased news to starting conversations across the nation, Bridge Alliance member organizations offer you interesting opportunities to lend a hand. Learn more!

Read! There are some terrific books and articles that outline how politics have become so dysfunctional and, more importantly, what we can do about it.  Check out theUpdraft America library.

Create! Get together with people in your community, particularly with people different from yourself, to grow the Updraft America effort. Check out this page and our Facebook page for ideas on what you and your circle of friends and family members can do to bridge the political divides in your life. Be the change you want to see.

Updraft 2.0 Updraft America is about beginning a long-term fix. Once you have folded your message into airplanes and sent them flying, embrace the challenge of Updraft 2.0.


It all begins here…with you.